Dettling lecture in Horb 2011

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Dettling digitized

Presentation of the Dettling „Familiengemeinschaft“ and their inernet-based genealogy

Andrea Dettling gave a presentation of the activities of the Dettling „Familiengemeinschaft“ and its worldwide internet-based genealogy on Friday April 15th, 2011, in „Kultur- und Museumsverein“. Most audience of course belonged to the old-established „Dettling clan“ which still is represented numerously in Horb and around Horb. A married couple had specifically arrived from Switzerland.

At the beginning of her presentation, Andrea explained the origin of last names which developed slowly only in the late Middle-Ages, in time of transition from epithets to last names. The last names often resulted out of profession, office title also from over-names which described certain features of the name-bearer. Even sentence names like "Springinsfeld“ mutated to last names.

The last name Dettling, which was marked in the Horber municipal area as an Alemannic foundation, is deduced from the word - in Old High German - "THIOT", which means „the people“. The word "DEDILO" which indicates a "little people prince", is also included. The knights of Dettlingen, which documentarily have been comprehensible since the high Middle-Ages, belonged to this „little people prince“. This nobility family splited herself up into three lines which got resident in Vollmaringen, in the Ortenau and in the Alsace.

The later line established respected senators in Strasbourg at the beginning of the 18th century and still existed up to the middle of the 19th century. All three lines had the „Lilie“ in her shield which still can be seen in Dettlingen's towns coat.

Today different family coat of arms are found at the commoner familys with the name Dettling.

The third oldest, showing a plant, is found in the Horber armorial and is from the middle of the 16th century. Besides that, there is still - as relatively young coat of arms figure – the two-cornered hat of „Eppingen-Mühlbacher-line“, whose ancestors were bricklayers or stonemasons in the main thing. The swan was ordered to the „Salzstetter-line“ by the Altheimer painter and Heraldiker F. J. Reich after second world war, where as the the coat of arms of „Freie Schweizer Bürger Dettling“ is showing a stylized five-leaved rose as second eldest Dettling coat of arms.

The old last name is found in most different notations of "Taedling" to "Dettlinger". An observation of Andrea Dettling has shown, that the family name is rather found in Roman Catholic areas with the notation Dettling, while he is usually written for Döttling in Protestant areas.

The main area of distribution concentrates on the area around the Horber Neckar knee. Starting out from the municipal area, relatives of the family Dettling have settled down in the course of history in the whole world. This was reason enough fort he „Familiengemeinschaft“ Dettling to operate their family research by means of most modern technology worldwide, particularly a professional web designer is one of the members.

Using "", it is possible to inform about the „Familiengemeinschaft“ and to get in touch with herself. The Dettlings are also represented in social media plattforms like Facebook. On this way, numerous contacts could be knotted and the family family tree enlarged considerably.

The Internet user does not have direct entrance for the digital Dettling-database, which can provide all family-tree-expressions. The Internet representative, Andrea Dettling, attaches great importance
to confidentiality. Information is only received by those, who can contribute something to the
expansion of the genealogy.

The author ( Joachem Lipp, executive board of „Kultur- und Museumverein“ Horb; article in Südwestpresse of April 18th, 2011)

Additional photos concerning the presenation of Andrea, find members in the member area.

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